Accepting your Children's Unique Essence
Issue #3 Accepting your Children's Unique Essence February 2016
Founder's Message By Dr. Newton Kondaveti

Dear Friends,

Every child is born with their own unique essence; their own unique soul plan for this life. In their life’s plan they choose the challenges most suited for their growth; to learn the lessons they have chosen for this life. Every child has had their own journey over many life times before being born to us as our children in this life...Read More

About Children's Life University

Every human consciously or unconsciously looks for unconditional love in the external world! In fact if one looks closely – a lot of our human quests can be broken down and summarized as looking for unconditional love and acceptance...Read More


In today’s society, most of our actions and reactions are based on approval systems that are hard wired into our daily routine. We constantly seek approval from the outside. We cook some food and wonder if our guests will comment well on it. We buy a dress, wondering, ‘Will he like me in this?’...Read More

All of us in the Universe are connected energetically, always remaining connected to the divine source consciously or unconsciously. While it is easy for us to celebrate the happy and pleasant moments, it is difficult to accept the hard and unpleasant moments, although it’s a natural part of life...Read More


A four-year boy sat next to me at the small work table, wiggling in his chair. I set some Lego-like contraptions in-front of him, instructing him to fit together small pieces. As I watched him struggle with his hands, a burning anger rose from my stomach, catching in my throat. The program expected him to piece together these items...Read More

Children's Corner

The children's corner is a tribute to the energy of our children, containing articles, art and views created by children.

Art Healing, Art Joy and Art ExpressionArt works created by Children

Parenting Perspectives

CLU is completely dedicated to new ways of raising children and offers wisdom for spiritual parenting and soul based education. Here are reflections shared by parents and teachers at Creative school, who are living and practicing more conscious ways of parenting and teaching.

My child is a fussy eater...One child of mine is more demanding than the other. How do I avoid comparing them?How do I balance between structured and unstructured time to give her enough time for imaginative play?

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