Bring Out the Best in Your Children!
Issue #2 Bring Out the Best in Your Children! June 2015
Founder's Message By Dr. Newton Kondaveti

Dear Friends,

Many parents today are trying to find ways in which they can bring out the best in their children. Of course, every parent wants this! What is the way? The best way is to become an aware and conscious parent yourself. It is very important for parents to heal and reach their own inner wisdom – the wisdom of the “whole” – body, mind, emotions and soul. Parents carry many subconscious blocks in their inner psyche, strong and old fashioned conditioning that is not suitable for our times. Often they themselves have grown up in environments where obedience and results were achieved through punishment and force. Children were feared into obeying their parents. Parents can change their inner programming through healing....Read More

About Children's Life University

My children have been my inspiration and guides on my spiritual path. From deep within my heart, my soul’s guidance led me to conscious love based parenting as my spiritual sadhana. Even today after a long journey of 15 years I still feel within me a strong commitment to parenting from love and awareness. It is my greatest inspiration. I have experienced tremendous inner growth and self-awareness...Read More


As a kid I figured out parenting meant being provided food, shelter, and cuddling times with mom and sitting fondly on dad’s lap. I learnt what a family meant – togetherness, helping each other, and above all being loving. I squirreled that away and like most kids, I never gave parenting much thought between the ages of sixteen and twenty-six- until I was ready to have a family and bring a child into this world...Read More

Being a parent has been a silent inward journey that has helped me understand myself and the purpose of my existence. Motherhood hasn't exactly been roses all the way; it’s brought joy but also tears when my child suffered a number of health issues with his constant battle of his physical body. I felt guilty as a mother...Read More


I am in awe as my watch my eight and a half year old daughter work joyously in the kitchen – something I never did at her age. She takes dough, flattens it against the marble slab, rolls it out, and liberally sprinkles jaggery on top. Turning on the stove, she plops the sweet roti on the pan, cooking it to perfection...Read More

Children's Corner

The children's corner is a tribute to the energy of our children, containing articles, art and views created by children.

Art as MeditationMandala MessageMandala MagicPookolams

Parenting Perspectives

CLU is completely dedicated to new ways of raising children and offers wisdom for spiritual parenting and soul based education. Here are reflections shared by parents and teachers at Creative school, who are living and practicing more conscious ways of parenting and teaching.

Is it ok for my child to talk to himself, to objects around?My kid seems to tell a lot of lies. How do I handle this?My daughter has so many questions about the different parts of her body...

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