Children of the Golden Age
Issue #1 Children of the Golden Age January 2015
Founder's Message By Dr. Newton Kondaveti

We are in the New Age – a Golden Age ushering in new opportunities for living consciously and rising to the fullest of our human potential. More and more, people are finding ways to live from love and compassion instead of from fear and mistrust. Our earth’s energy fields have already switched into more loving energies to let go of the old and bring in new ways of living. In such an age, more and more children are being born who are helping us go into new ways of parenting and teaching. Who are these children?...Read More

About Children's Life University

Children of the Golden Age are here! How should we as parents and teachers welcome them? Parenting and Teaching are both the most pleasurable and at the same time, most challenging tasks that we face as human beings. A parent is the child’s first teacher. A child is TRULY a parent’s teacher...Read More


The essence of sacred parenting at CLU is to support the Golden Age Children who are being born onto Earth at this time in higher numbers. They are being born to help us align ourselves to the changes that the earth is making in its transition to the fifth dimension...Read More

We are very lucky to be living in this time of Golden Age – ‘The time of profound shifts in consciousness’. When we look with awareness, we can witness all around us that transformation is taking place on many levels. Many are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that, by the choices we are making NOW, we are shaping our tomorrow. In this critical time, since we are actively participating in the ascension process, we need to...Read More


To begin at the beginning, I vividly remember seeing my child for the first time and thinking his eyes held infinite energy and all the possibilities that this life has to offer. Parenthood is a natural progression of one's lifetime and has been so for eons on this cosmic plane. We have seen our parents do it and hence it is something natural for us too. In recent times, there has been a silent but a growing revolution of...Read More

Children's Corner

The children's corner is a tribute to the energy of our children, containing articles, art and views created by children.

My Life Teacher by SambhaviPower Animals - An IntroductionPower Animals by ManasaFinding my power animal by HithashriFinding my golden animal by VasundharaMy power animal meditation by VasundharaThe Confession by Rose

Parenting Perspectives

CLU is completely dedicated to new ways of raising children and offers wisdom for spiritual parenting and soul based education. Here are reflections shared by parents and teachers at Creative school, who are living and practicing more conscious ways of parenting and teaching.

My child has a very strong will...How can I help my child when this happens?My child is a born perfectionist...How do I handle this?How do I make my child listen to me?What do I do when I get angry at my child?

CLU Program and Updates

Children's Life University organizes programs for parents, teachers and children opening the doors for a new way of parenting and teaching and raising children consciously. Some program highlights are given below.

Children’s Life University Inaugurates Phase 2 of our Work in our New Premises at Creative SchoolFamily Constellation with Children

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